Find—me! Avalanche and Deep-Snow Bands

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1 pair of find—me! consisting of:
2 pouches
2 x 8 m avalanche bands (red)
2 x 2 m ski bands (blue)
2 x ski connectors
1 x carrier bag
Material: nylon
Weight: only 2 x ca. 105 g



Find—me! is an avalanche band and deep-snow band.

Never again lose your skis in the deep snow and – in an emergency – be found faster in an avalanche.

2 x1 0 m-long bright red and blue bands. If the skis release, these bands are pulled out of the small pouches – attached to your ski boot. A skier buried by an avalanche or skis covered by deep snow are found more quickly.

If a ski becomes wedged, a Velcro tear-away prevents possible injury. Attached to the person are 2 x 8 m bright red bands, and 2 m blue bands to each ski. The chance of survival increases enormously since the first 15 minutes – when fellow skiers can provide assistance – are the most vital. That said, find—me avalanche and deep-snow bands are essential basic equipment whenever you are out in open terrain.

27 functions of find—me! An overview:

In the deep snow:

  1. NEVER have to hunt for or even lose skis in the deep snow again
  2. In most cases, the band will not have separated so skis can simply be pulled right back in: View our fall video
  3. Tear-away Velcro release – avoids injury if the ski gets caught
  4. Pouches easy to attach either over or under the ski pants (no need to stuff it into your pants)
  5. Attaches to the toe (= more practical) or heal mount
  6. Easy to attach and detach when clamping skis on or off
  7. After it has released, simply stuff it back into the small pouch and it is ready to use again
  8. Also usable when it’s not stuck in the pouch (e.g.: after falling, if skiing quickly out of dangerous terrain)
  9. No risk of injury as is the case with standard safety straps
  10. Works with touring skis, freeride skis, alpine skis, … for young and old
  11. For ski groups: no more waiting around for somebody who’s lost a ski – greater safety for the whole group

In an emergency avalanche situation:

  1. High probability that part of the bands will be visible on the surface.
  2. Intuitive searching – also for inexperienced skiers (even before you begin using the avalanche transponder)
  3. Velcro release counteracts the anchor effect – 2 m band remains on the ski – 8 m on the person
  4. Bands overlaid with a reflective color to assist searching at dusk (reflects the flash from a mobile phone at approximately 30 m)
  5. Bands printed with direction and distance (2, 4, 6, 7 m) to the buried person as well as important safety information
  6. Short band serves as a guideline for helicopters (pilot can immediately see the wind direction etc.)
  7. Able to identify several buried persons simultaneously – name is written on the bands
  8. Mobile phone number is written on the red bands, making it possible to phone the buried person (acoustic location, plus the buried person is aware that the search party is approaching)
  9. Avalanche dogs have an additional “trail” to follow – enabling faster precise location

Additional safety benefits/extreme situations:

  1. Piste can be cordoned off quickly if a skier is lying injured
  2. In general, as signal bands in the mountains, on ski slopes
  3. As a backup when bivouacking, lashing down, fastening, …
  4. The Velcro attachments on the bands also allow you to create “loops” which can be used for attachment purposes (e.g. cordon off an area)
    Only use these functions in emergency situations when no other “classic” options or equipment are available.
  5. 2 x 8 m bands are a ca. 16 m reserve “rope” in order to secure injured skiers (not suitable for rappelling!!)
  6. Application of first-aid bandages (stabilization and splints for broken bones, for example)
  7. Attachment belts from the pouches can be used for rapid application of pressure dressings to wounds

Because of these diverse functions and benefits, find—me! is a perfect complement to avalanche transponders, avalanche airbags (avalanche rucksacks), avalanche shovels and avalanche probes, and should always be an essential part of your ski equipment. If you are in alpine terrain, deep snow, free riding or ski touring, this is something you should never go without!

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