find—me! Ski Connectors for 2 Pairs of Skis

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2x ski connectors
for 2 pairs of skis or as spares for:

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find—me! Ski Connectors for 2 Pairs of Skis

Do you have two or more pairs of skis? In other words, freeride skis, touring skis, alpine skis,… ? When you are deep-snow skiing, do you use the find—me! avalanche and deep-snow bands or perhaps only the blue find—me deep-snow bands ?

Instead of having to switch find—me! ski connectors from one ski to another whenever you go deep-snow skiing, we also offer the ski connectors separately.

The ski connectors are simply attached to the toe or heal of the ski binding, or to the ski brake. As soon as you are ready to hit the deep snow, simply attach the find—me! bands to the cord. Detach again for the gondola. It only takes a few seconds and it also works with gloves on. The deep-snow bands stay on your leg and don’t have to be stowed away every time.

On the piste – if the deep-snow bands are not attached – the cord is simply secured in the sewn-on rubber tab. In that way, it stays compact on the binding and doesn’t have to be detached. In other words, find—me! ski connectors for two pairs of skis are more practical. We suggest ordering them right along with your find—me! avalanche and deep-snow bands.

Ski connectors are part of the original find—me! Avalanche and deep-snow bands:

Which means: Never again have to hunt for or even lose your skis in the deep snow.  And if you are involved in an avalanche, you have a greater chance of being found quickly. Plus, there are numerous other safety benefits and practical functions in alpine terrain.


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